Impedance Matching Adapter Kit for CT100B

High bandwidth precision adapters for use with the high-resolution MOHR CT100B TDR Cable Analyzer

Impedance Matching Adapter Kit

Kit Includes:

  • 50 Ω to 75 Ω BNC Adapter
  • 50 Ω to 93 Ω BNC Adapter
  • 50 Ω to 125 Ω BNC Adapter
  • BNC male to BNC male Adapter
  • BNC female to BNC female Adapter
  • SMA male to BNC female Adapter
  • Packed in a rugged carry case
50 - 75 Ω50 - 93 Ω50 - 125 Ω
Frequency Range0 to 4000 MHz0.5 to 4000 MHz0.5 to 4000 MHz
Output Impedance75 Ω93 Ω125 Ω
Attentuation5.71 dB typ.7.5 dB typ.11.5 dB typ.
Return Loss25 dB typ.15 dB typ.15 dB typ.
Operating Temperature:-55 to 100°C0 to 70°C0 to 70°C


6.5(L) x 4.75(W) x 2(H) in.
(16 x 12 x 5 cm)


8 oz (226 g)


pdf icon Impedance Matching Kit Datasheet

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