Oil Field Drilling Instrumentation

The MOHR Drilling Fluid Measurement system is used to characterize several in-situ, real-time parameters of drilling mud including density, temperature, and oil/water ratio.

MOHR has adapted our Electric Field Perturbation (EFP) technology for oil drilling "mud" operations. Our instruments use ultra-wideband (UWB) signals, specialized metallic probes and sophisticated software to measure the oil-water ratios of drilling mud solutions.

Capable of withstanding high pressures and high temperatures, the MOHR OWG systems are rugged, field reliable solutions that are easily integrated into any production operation. The MOHR measurement systems require no periodic calibration.

Key Features of the Multiphase Flow Measurement System

  • Electromagnetic Non-Radioactive Technology
  • Measures 0-100% Oil/Water
  • No Moving Parts - No Coriolis Meter Required
  • No Separation Required
  • Hundreds of samples per second for high resolution monitoring
  • High speed, real time analysis of mud gives instantaneous and time-history averaging of measured values
  • Fully customizable for virtually any mix of materials
  • Operation in Class I Division 2 hazardous locations
  • Intrinsically safe sensors for use in Class I Division 1

Operating Parameters
Water/Oil Ratio0-100%
Oil/Water Fraction Sensitivity0.1%
Density Resolution0.1 kg/m3
Data ConnectivityEthernet, RS485, 4-20 ma, Wireless; WITS, PASON, NOV integration
Power24 VDC
Weather ProtectionNEMA 4X, IP66

How to purchase

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