Why Work for MOHR?

Working for MOHR is fun, fast-paced, and challenging. We are a small business with an outsourced manufacturing model, which gives us the ability to tackle projects with efficiency and agility. You can expect to contribute to multiple projects across the range of our products. We encourage our employees to take the initiative, which means the sky is the limit for what you can achieve here.


Our work environment is low-key. Everybody is on a first-name basis and that's how we plan to keep it. MOHR is a family business, and that means flexibility for personal needs and camraderie that extends outside of the office.


As we hire talented new employees, we hope they will be as invested in their new company as we are in helping them maximize their potential. Our goal is to improve our products and market share while encouraging a well-rounded and healthy workplace, something we think is essential in keeping our employees around for the long haul. The future looks bright for MOHR, and that relies on the long-term happiness and commitment of our employees.

Basic Benefits

  • A full benefits package is available. Information regarding our current and planned employee benefits are provided to prospective employees.

Living in Richland

You may have never heard of Richland, but this town has a long and distinguished technology history dating from the Manhattan Project of WWII. With a 4-year university (Washington State University, Tri-Cities Campus), the Pacific Northwest National Labs (PNNL), numerous high-technology companies, and the highest number of science and engineering PhDs per-capita in the country, Richland has plenty to offer in terms of technology resources.

Most housing is within minutes of well-maintained waterfront parks along the Columbia River, where boating, water-skiing, and swimming are favorite activities. In the winter, numerous ski resorts are within a 1-2 hour drive. The cost of living is relatively low, 5% below the national average (even though per-capita income is 38% above the national average), the schools are excellent, and you will probably have a 5-minute commute depending on where you choose to live.

The climate is pleasant, with short winters and long summers. Temperatures average above 60°F for 7 months of the year and there are often more than 300 sunny days per year. Rainfall is typically under 6 inches per year, so in case you're from a place like Seattle, you only need to bring your jacket along in the winter and you can pretty much leave your umbrella at home. Mid-day summer temperatures can hover around 100°F, but humidity is very low, the lawns are all green due to plentiful irrigation, and most homes and business have central air-conditioning. Summer evenings are room-temperature, perfect for a stroll along the waterfront trails.

The Tri-Cities (Richland, Pasco, Kennewick) are a regional commercial and industrial center. Cultural attractions include numerous art galleries and fairs. Richland is literally in the heart of wine country, with more than 65 wineries in a 50-mile radius and the world-famous Red Mountain AVA. Multiple historical and scientific museums are present in the area. Finally, Richland hosts numerous performing arts resources including two symphony orchestras, a regional ballet, and two light opera companies.

Interested in Joining Us?

If MOHR sounds like the kind of company that would let you use your creativity and achieve your full potential, please contact us. Even if we don't have a posted job opening, we are always on the lookout for talented people and may have a place for you either right now or in the near future.

Current Employment Opportunities:

There are no currently posted jobs.