Mohr Presents CT100 Series TDR Cable Testers and CT Viewer at JAIMA SHOW 2009

Mohr and Associates, an innovator of high-resolution portable TDR instruments, will showcase their CT100 Series TDR instruments and companion CT Viewer(TM) TDR analysis software package at JAIMA SHOW 2009, Sept. 2nd-4th (booth 4A-701 and 4A-801), in Makuhari Messe, Japan. Mohr will host a booth at the international analytical instrument exposition and will present one of the show's New Technology Seminars on Sept. 2nd (1430 JST, booth N-3), entitled "Mohr CT100 Series TDR Cable Testers: Microwave/RF and Digital Cable and Interconnect Testing".

"Time-domain reflectometry is an excellent and frequently under-utilized technology for characterization and maintainance of modern microwave/RF and digital communications systems. Our CT100 Series instruments fill the industry's need for a high-resolution TDR instrument that brings many of the capabilities of expensive benchtop TDR instruments into the field, along with specialized capabilities unmatched by any other commercially-available TDR instrument," said Charles Mohr, Principal Engineer.

CT100 Series TDR Cable Testers

The CT100 and CT100HF are rugged, portable, high-resolution TDRs featuring a rich set of software tools that let the operator accurately characterize cable and interconnect performance, rapidly detect and localize subtle cable faults, recall frequently used test configurations, and store cable scans for later analysis either on the device itself or on a host PC using CT Viewer(TM). With test frequencies extending to more than 8.3 GHz (CT100HF), these instruments are ideal for use with modern microwave/RF and digital communications systems. Mohr positions CT100 Series TDRs as the only viable replacement for the popular, discontinued Tektronix(R) 1502C.

CT Viewer(TM) TDR Analysis Software Package

CT Viewer(TM) host PC software is a full-featured TDR waveform analysis software package designed for Microsoft(R) Windows(R) XP/Vista. CT Viewer(TM) lets the operator pan, scale, compare, and perfrom math operations on stored TDR waveforms. The software uses Microsoft(R) SQL Server(R) for reliable and flexible data storage.

New Technology Seminar

Mohr will host their seminar, "Mohr CT100 Series TDR Cable Testers: Microwave/RF and Digital Cable and Interconnect Testing" on Sept. 2nd (1430 JST, booth N-3). The seminar will begin with a basic review of TDR technology as it applies to cable and interconnect testing, introduce the features of Mohr's CT100 Series TDRs and CT Viewer(TM) software package, and highlight some useful applications including precision impedance measurements in long cables, high accuracy characterization of short microwave cables, and measurement of subtle partial faults through isolation transformers in a MIL-STD-1553B twisted-pair databus cable.

About Mohr and Associates

Established in 1982, Mohr and Associates (Mohr) develops innovative test and measurement solutions for industry. Mohr is a leading manufacturer of portable high-resolution TDR instruments and also manufactures guided UWB radar liquid-level sensors and automated materials test equipment. Mohr is based in Richland, WA. For more information, please visit Mohr's website:

Contact: Brandt Mohr
Phone: +1 (509) 946-0941
Fax: +1 (509) 946-4395

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