CT100 Series TDR Resources

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CT100 Series TDR Datasheets

FilenameDescriptionDate Added
pdf icon  CT100B TDR Cable Analyzer DatasheetRev. 6/13/16AJun 13, 2016
pdf icon  CT100 DatasheetRev. 1/22/13Jan 22, 2013

CT100 Series TDR Adapter Datasheets

FilenameDescriptionDate Added
pdf icon  Ethernet Adapter DatasheetEasily connect Ethernet cables to CT100BMay 14, 2018
pdf icon  IEEE-1394b/SAE AS5643/Firewire Test Set DatasheetDifferential Adapter for testing IEEE-1394b data cablesMay 14, 2018
pdf icon  Precision BNC Adapter KitPrecision BNC adapters for use with CT100BMay 14, 2018
pdf icon  Precision SMA RF Adapter KitPrecision SMA RF adapters for use with CT100HFMay 14, 2018
pdf icon  DBNC Differential Adapter DatasheetDual BNC Differential Adapter Apr 27, 2018
pdf icon  TRB Differential Adapter DatasheetTRB Differential Adapter for use with MIL-STD-1553BApr 27, 2018
pdf icon  Pin and Socket Probe Kit DatasheetPin and Socket Probe Kit for use with many multi-conductor connectorsFeb 20, 2017
pdf icon  Hard Case for CT100B/HFHard case for CT100 series TDRsJan 17, 2017
pdf icon  Impedance Matching Adapter Kit DatasheetUse Impedance Matching Adapters for better TDR signalsJan 13, 2017
pdf icon  Small form factor Keyboard for CT100B/HFSmall USB keyboard for CT100 series TDRsJan 13, 2017
pdf icon  MIL-STD-1553B Data Bus TRB Adapter Kit DatasheetMultiple adapters for testing various combinations of signal wires and shields.Feb 25, 2016

CT100 Series TDR Application Notes

FilenameDescriptionDate Added
pdf icon  AN-2017-1 Testing IEEE 1394 Firewire with CT100BTesting a Firewire cable using the Differential Adapter Kit for IEEE-1394bDec 17, 2017
pdf icon  AN-2016-2 1553B Data Bus Cable Compression Damage Detection (CT100)Use of the MOHR MIL-STD-1553B Data Bus TRB Adapter Kit to detect and localize compression damage on 1553B Data Bus cables.Feb 25, 2016
pdf icon  AN-2016-1 1553B Data Bus Cable Fault Detection (CT100)Use of the MOHR MIL-STD-1553B Data Bus TRB Adapter Kit to detect and localize cable faults on 1553B Data Bus cables.Feb 21, 2016
pdf icon  Mohr CT100 TDR and CT Viewer Cable and Interconnect Quality Control ExampleInterconnect Impedance Profile and Electrical Length Variation in 50 Ohm SMA and BNC CablesApr 21, 2011
pdf icon  TDR for Microwave, RF and Digital Cables
html icon  TDR for Microwave, RF and Digital Cables
Overview of TDR for characterizing cables and connectorsApr 19, 2011
pdf icon  TDR vs. FDR: Distance to Fault
html icon  TDR vs. FDR: Distance to Fault
TDR compared with FDR for distance-to-fault measurementsApr 19, 2011

CT100 Series TDR and CT Viewer Manuals

FilenameDescriptionDate Added
pdf icon  CT100B Operator's ManualPart Number CT100B-M-OM-005Jun 8, 2018
pdf icon  CT_Viewer 2 Quick User GuidePart No. CT100-M-CTVM-003Feb 3, 2017
pdf icon  CT100 Operator's ManualPart no. CT100-M-OM-007May 15, 2015

CT100 Series TDR On-Line Manual

html iconCT100 On-Line User' Guide

CT100B TDR Training Notes

Step-by-step guides to using the CT100B

FilenameDescriptionDate Added
pdf icon  1001. Scanning a CableBasic steps to perform a scan with a CT100BMar 27, 2017
pdf icon  1002. Distance to Fault MeasurementFind the distance to a fault in a cableMar 27, 2017
pdf icon  1003. Locate an Intermittent FaultUse the CT100B Envelope Plot to locate a transient or intermittent faultNov 5, 2016
pdf icon  1004. Scanning Multi-Segment CablesMeasuring multi-segment cables with different Vp values in each segmentNov 1, 2016
pdf icon  1005. Difference TraceDifference traces are calculated by subtracting one waveform from anotherMar 27, 2017
pdf icon  1006. Custom Configuration FilesCustom configuration files can be saved and restored at later times to save time and assure reproducible test resultsMar 27, 2017
pdf icon  1007. Remote Control BasicsCT Viewer 2 can be connected to a CT100B TDR to transfer traces and also provide basic remote control capabilityFeb 25, 2017
pdf icon  1008. Velocity of PropagationFinding an accurate VpMay 14, 2016
pdf icon  1009. Creating an S11 TraceAn S11 is a measurement of return loss by frequencyNov 14, 2016
pdf icon  1010. Cable Resistive Loss CorrectionThe CT100B can correct for resistive loss in cables (also known as "dribble-up") to measure impedance more accurately in long cablesNov 17, 2016
pdf icon  1011. Advanced ScanningDiscussion of the many CT100B options that can affect scan resolutionDec 28, 2017
pdf icon  1012. Ethernet AdapterUse the CT100-AK-ETH Ethernet Adapter to find the distance to a fault in an Ethernet cableJan 10, 2017

CT100 Series TDR Software Downloads

FilenameDescriptionDate Added
zip icon  CT100 USB DriverVer. 9/15/15Sep 15, 2015

CT Viewer Software Downloads

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